Misty Woodland

Just a small list of what you influenced, taught and inspired :

* Love
 * Compassion
 * Kindness
 * Generosity
 * Patience
 * Laughter
 * Joy
 * Laughter
 * Connection
 * Gratitude
 * Perseverance
 * Sense of self
 * That I matter
 * That I can do anything
 * That I have worth
 * There is always more to strive for
 * Evolution from pain to health

 You loved into life this version of me that I love and respect. You loved into
 this world a therapist who loves and heals. You loved and developed aspects of me so I can share that with the world but most of all with my wife.

 Oceans of love and gratitude

 Heather E.

Hi Neil
It is now the beginning of Sept, and I think your last month of practice.
Although we said our good-byes, I wanted to send an email of thanks for all you helped me with over the many years. I am so pleased for you that you will be starting another big adventure and a new type of practice. Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future,


 But until that time- I wish you and your wife the very, very best.
There were so many phases and issues and events- you helped with your special
abilities and special you. With dignity and caring, and a very bright mind, you helped more  than anyone could, at very difficult times in my life. In a way you hold my history. 
Always with a great and positive attitude, that I carry with me now, you made
the complex simple in a complex way.  

With the greatest fondness and sincere appreciation,

Carol S.

Green House