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Scheduling Appointments

Every person moves at their own pace for healing, so sessions can be scheduled whenever you feel a need.  When you feel it is time, schedule your consultation appointment.


 Healing sessions can form part of a tailored treatment plan for personal  evolution or be done independently for a specific need or interest. You can safely use these modalities with allopathic treatments. The researched information in your session is intended to be used as information only and in no way a prescribed plan or health care alternative. It is up to you to check with health care providers and other professionals in your holistic treatment.


 Your first session will usually take 60 to 90 minutes. This includes a personal health consultation to ensure the healing process is tailored to your specific needs.


 Each subsequent session generally lasts one hour but can be shorter or longer as needed.  Each session is billed according to the allotted time and full payment is required after each session.

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All services provided are done by appointment only and are scheduled in advance.

Most sessions are held within a few weeks of the time the appointment is made. 

To schedule an appointment, you can email at Neil at  nweiner@usa.net or call (602) 318-5859.

When calling or emailing, please identify the service or services you are interested in.


You can pay via check, cash, or electronically.

Initial introductory session @ $120.00

60 minutes in length @ 110.00

90 minutes sessions @ $150.00