The Consulting Experience

Sky Full of Light

Every person moves at his or her own pace and comfort level for health and healing, so sessions can be scheduled whenever you feel in need. Being clear also allows us to attain greater spiritual levels while here on earth and feel more connected to our purpose. When a person has experienced multiple or ongoing traumas, hurts, pains, or on-going cycles of disruption in his or her life, more healing may be indicated. 

The modalities applied depend on the interactions  of behavior, cognitions, and beliefs as the result of experiencing traumatic events. This process can be tailored to individual needs of healing in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realms.

Trauma counseling uses a theoretical base of transpersonal psychology, energy psychology, and humanistic psychology with application of specific research based therapeutic modalities. This approach can be used for adulthood and childhood traumatic events that keep you stuck in pain and suffering or re-experiencing of the events. 




 Desired Result of Healing


Such issues as traumatic events, neglect, abuse, and broken dreams create internal discord. These events distance us from our true selves.  These powerful outside events can shape our judgments and beliefs of self and others. You can heal, you can change, and you are not alone on your journey!  I believe every person has the ability and innate knowledge to awaken potential and create a life of connectedness and wholeness. We are co-creators in our lives and it is our job to make sense of and let go of our painful experiences.

Even though perceptions may tell you differently, you are powerful beyond belief and capable of all you wish to obtain.

When harmony is achieved between the physical existence and spiritual being, it produces boundless love, creativity, and joy, with an overall sense of happiness and health in life. 


 Having a healing  session can help you to:

Enhance other therapeutic modalities you are currently engaged in.

Break damaging patterns of behavior, emotions, and thought.

Improve your personal relationships.

Connect to inner guidance and spiritual support.

Mitigate or eliminate phobias, fears, allergies, cycles of painful patterns, etc.

Remove blocks to positive self-expression, including love, compassion, empathy, peace, joy, success, and abundance.

Improve your self-worth and sense of purpose.




The human body is an amazing organism, and yet we move around, carry things, make things, see, hear, speak, feel and taste, often without appreciating how this all happens. When things feel right with the body, we take it for granted. When things feel wrong, we get frustrated, overwhelmed or angry. And yet, just by breathing, the body is taking care of you in miraculous ways. Practicing mindfulness enables us to appreciate the remarkable reality of being a body.

The body is always in the present. When we take our attention to body sensations, we’re naturally drawn to the here and now. The easiest and simplest way is to focus on the breath’s rhythm, rate, and depth. The body thus is a natural anchor for mindfulness, when we pay attention to it.

When tuned in our bodies, we can feel the astonishing joys of being alive. When we practice mindfulness, we’re opening ourselves to the full experience of being alive and all the joy that can bring. In the words of the poet Rumi: ‘Just being sentient and in a body with the sun coming up is a state of rapture.’

Attending to the body’s needs and desires has a grounding effect. When we bring awareness to the body, we’re grounding into Earth herself. The body has weight; it offers a good counterbalance to the flighty mind that’s continually whizzing off into thoughts.

The body experiences by feeling. By becoming familiar with patterns of physical sensations, we can easily work with them. If our body is in pain and we try to ignore it, resist it, or ruminate on it, we’re trying to live outside ourselves physically. By accepting and finding ways to nurture our bodies to health, we are more wholly living. The body is our home on earth, even when we don’t like the state of it. When we open to the reality of body experience and explore how to be with it, then we are living in the present. Mindfulness of body brings a peace that doesn’t depend on things being perfect or structured.

Meditation by the Sea