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Ideomotor Responses and Muscle Testing

As a practitioner, I am very careful to maintain a neutral position so that we get correct answers.

Muscle testing involves testing the arm, for strength or weakness. This testing technique comes from the field of Applied Kinesiology. It is utilizing the body’s innate knowledge for healthy and unhealthy concepts. It also helps Neil connect to the subconscious mind for deeper and less filtered information about the psyche. Often the Ego, or conscious mind, interferes with accurate information and healing. We, as humans, have an ability to deceive ourselves by not paying attention to our highest good. By circumventing the ego, Neil can get to the root of the issue and belief about what is interrupting health for a person.

Before and After Sessions

Northern Lights

Identify the “stuck spots” in your life (i.e. relationship, health, love of self, physical, mental, and spiritual)

Set an intention to heal.


Attend your appointment with an open mind and readiness to change
If you have specific requests for sessions, please make them known when scheduling your appointment.


 Request modalities that may fit your circumstances, Neil will also present those to you during your session.


Make sure you are well hydrated with alkaline water before and after your session.

Eat a light, healthy meal beforehand.

Allow time after your session for relaxation and reflection.

Put into action the mental, physical, and emotional steps for your growth.

Refrain from drug and alcohol use before and after the session

Benefits of Consulting

The cultivation of mindfulness has roots in Buddhism, but most religions include some type of prayer or meditation technique that helps shift your thoughts away from your usual preoccupations toward an appreciation of the moment and a larger perspective on life. One does not need to have a full sitting meditation routine to benefit from mindfulness practices. There is much research today showing the benefits in the brain and body of simply performing 5 minutes of mindfulness practice a few times throughout the day. A mindfulness practice helps to improve overall health, with notable benefits to mental health, physical health, and stress reduction.

All people have a desire for awareness and an intense desire for change toward the greater good of self and others. This can cause great upheaval in your daily life, feeling like you are out-of-step with the world.  All people have the drive to continue seeking the highest health and is continually seeking a greater sense of  a “true self”. Your growth and evolution can have a profound and resonating effect on those around you. Neil is here to help your efforts be more profound and impactful. You CAN turn the pain of your life events into your power and embrace the path to your divine purpose!

People who often seek a higher level of healing and alleviation from ongoing challenges in life find mainstream medicine does not help them. There is often the need for a deeper search for understanding themselves. There are often reoccurring topics or challenges in their life. Those challenges may have a distinct theme or cycle in their present life, and often a person feels hopeless or powerless to change those patterns but has a knowing that there are answers to their problems. In these cases, a need to clear blocks from lifes traumas are necessary in order to move forward with desired changes. The process of healing is about finding the questions and modalities that will give the desired results.

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