Who Is Dr. Weiner

 Dr. Neil Weiner is a practicing psychologist with over 40 years experience as a private practitioner, consultant, part-time Professor at Arizona State University and the University of Phoenix, where he was the Teacher of the Year five times.   As a psychologist his private practice included Cognitive Behavioral Counseling, couples and family counseling, multiple systems of Energy Work, Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing, mindfulness, and EMDR.  He is also the former Clinical Director for the Milton H. Erickson Clinic specializing in Hypnosis.  He co-authored, Shattered Innocence, a book about sexual trauma and three novels as well as a children’s book.  

Areas of focus for healing and resolution include:


1. Resolving current and past life traumas:


2.  Addressing interpersonal and relationship dynamics


3.  Career goals

4.  Relationship to self and relationships with others


5. Personal health in body, mind, and soul, including current and past life traumas.